There is a learning curve from moving from PowerPoint to making Professional Prezis, we will help you get there quicker.


Tired of using slides and looking for an alternative approach? Prezi's zooming canvas allows you to create more dynamic, visual presentations that Harvard Research found 27% more effective that PowerPoint. 

From the experience of working directly with clients on hundreds of projects across the world, Kris has developed a cutting edge approach to creating presentations in Prezi that help people to teach, educate, inspire and sell.

Learn to make the jump from PowerPoint to Prezi using principles and methodology behind how my team and have used Prezi to deliver amazing outcomes for our clients such as AIG, Audi, PwC, Toyota and Nestle.

“Prezi Training provided us with the highest of quality training we possibly could have received. The session was organised, the resources perfect, the explanations clear and the content brilliant.”
— Alice Stephenson, Training Supervisor, APC Logistics